Announcements & Events

Class at College Park Baptist Church is suspended until further notice.

Classes at Walkertown Branch Library are suspended until 

April 15.

Beginner Tai Chi at Wildlight Wellness Collective

suspended until May 9. However, an array of online yoga & fitness classes are available now. Please visit the site for more info.  


Golden Flower Tai Chi

Welcome to the

site for classes in Winston-Salem, NC and the region

To our students and the public,

For classes that meet in places where we're "guests," we're following the facility's coronavirus precautions. Check this site, with the facility, or contact the appropriate instructor for information or updates. While we're waiting to reconvene, here are ways to keep up your tai chi practice, your health and your spirits:

  • Click on Golden Flower Tai Chi Assoc. link below, on "Learn," "Student Resources," and scroll down to "Introductory Videos." You'll see a list of free videos you can click on and use to guide your practice. 

  • If the weather is conducive & you feel physically up to it, go for a walk outdoors. Even a short walk will do wonders for your mind & body!

Our classes are (for good reason) suspended, not ended. We'll be back! 

In the meantime, be safe, kind, optimistic, and feel free to contact us.

Golden Flower Tai Chi



We're glad you're here!


Tai chi is an ancient martial art practiced as a graceful, gentle exercise, method of moving meditation, and means of increasing one’s vitality and sense of well-being. Characterized by slow flowing movements, Tai Chi is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels.


Consumer Reports and American Heart Association have recognized the health benefits of Tai Chi.

For more information on Tai Chi and Golden Flower Tai Chi Association, International


visit Greensboro Tai Chi for Golden Flower Classes there

Certified Golden Flower Tai Chi instructors teach at the following.


  • Wake Forest University, W-S

  • Guilford College, Greensboro

  • Salemtowne, Winston-Salem

  • Friends Homes, Greensboro

  • Carolina Estates, Greensboro